3 Month Report - We Made a Ton of Progress

Jul 28, 2017

It has only been three months since we took over Forest Hollow Estates. But, oh man,it feels like it has been forever! We have made a ton of progress in improving the mobile home park for families who call it their home. Our goal is to make this community the best place to live in Tyler and Whitehouse area with affordable rent. To that end, we will continue working very hard. 

Cleaning Common Areas and Lots

We have cleaned up the common area. There were things that were left on the common areas and the lots that had accumulated over the years. Since we have taken over, we have filled out about 5 loads of 40 yard rolloff dumpsters with debris from common areas and the vacant homes. We still have some cleaning to do. We area also asking tenants to clean up their yards if there are any debris.

Homes Ready for Rent and Sale

We have rehabbed and rented 5 homes since we took over in end of April. Many of the homes had not be maintained and were sitting vacant. It was a terrible waste because Whitehouse is such a great place to live. The park is right in downtown and close to the Whitehouse schools. This is really a fantastic location for families with kids, people working in Tyler area, and retirees looking for a peace and quiet! We want to provide quality housing to people, so we have been working hard at rehabbing these homes. We will have more homes for rent and sale shortly. 

We have rehabbed the homes so that they are clean, convenient and comfortable. Many of the homes have new flooring, paint, and good appliances. The rent is very affordable as well. 

Home Maintenance

We have been working hard to catch up on maintenance issue for residents who were already living in the homes. Some of the homes in the mobile home park had not been maintained properly for many years and the issues had built up. We have dedicated our staff's time to address these issues full time. We have rebuilt decks, fixed electrical issues, filled holes on floors, fixed leaks - the list goes on. We will continue to work to address issues with homes. Many of the residents showed gratitude for addressing issues that had been neglected over the years. 

New Rules and Regulation for Community

We have also implemented new rules and regulation in the community. In order to have a quality community, people need to respect rules. When people respect the rules and others, it becomes more enjoyable to live in that place. It's better for everyone. Unfortunately, some people didn't want to abide by them. They would have to live elsewhere. We can't make everyone happy and that's fact of life.

A Big Thank-You to the Team!

All of these changes would not have been possible without the dedication of our team! We thank everyone who worked in the park - Anne, Kip, Tres, James, William, Brian, Sherri, Stacey, Jimmy, Daniel, Garrett, and Elwood! Thank you so much!