Affordable Homes are Coming to Whitehouse, Texas - 2 and 3 bd homes

Jul 22, 2021

Are you looking for an affordable home to buy in Tyler/Whitehouse area? We are bringing in brand new 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes from now and early 2022. These homes will be around 45k to 60k. We may provide rent-to-own option for qualified buyers. 

Home Prices and Rents are Going Up in Tyler / Whitehouse.

The home prices in the Tyler TX and Whitehouse TX market have increased so much - beyond reach of many families. Many people continue to rent because of that. Renting, however, is not a great option either. The rent for good 3 bedroom is reaching around 1,000 to 1,500 and steadily increasing as well. Worst of all, the rent you pay doesn't go towards anything. After renting for a year, you don't have anything to show for. We provide a better option.

You Can Still Be a Homeowner

At Forest Hollow Estates in Whitehouse, we provide affordable homeownership. Our brand new homes start at 45k for 2bedroom and 55k for 3 bedroom (as of writing this article). You can buy with cash or financing. For qualified people, we provide rent-to-own option as well. 


This is the easiest way to purchase our home. You can use your savings, retirement account (pension/401k), settlement, gift, etc.

You will pay off the home. You just pay the affordable lot rent, utility, tax, and insurance for the home. This is a great way to move into a home and reduce your monthly expense.


We work with several lenders who specialize in lending on manufactured homes. Lenders look at credit score, income, and down payment. Typically lenders require credit score of 600 or above, but we have a lender who doesn't have a minium score. They typically require 5% to 10% down payment. They require about your income to be about three times the housing payment. 

Rent to Own

If you are not quite ready to qualify for financing, we also offer rent-to-own program. We will give you a credit for buying the home from your monthly rent. In a year, you will have approximately 10% for down payment. We will need a concrete plan to impove your credit score.

Other Note

We screen our applications for items including prior evictions, criminal records.